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The Femtrepreneur Show is for people like you who want to create, launch, and sell online courses! We get into the nitty-gritty details of running a successful online course business, so you can change your own life (and the lives of your students!).

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TFS 024: How to Build Your List and Launch with Challenges with Zach Spuckler

In this episode, we’re talking with Zach Spuckler who is the founder of Heart, Soul & Hustle. If you want to learn more about email challenges, Zach is going to cover it all. 

TFS 023: How to Build Relationships in Your Niche

In this episode, we’re not only talking about the importance of building relationships, but how. There are so many benefits to a relationship based business, and we’re going through a four week process to help you get started!

TFS 022: The Biggest Lessons We Learned in 2016

In this episode, we're diving into an epic review of 2016 and what happened at Femtrepreneur. We learned so many lessons, and are sharing them all with you! The good, the bad, and everything we want to work on for next year.

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Introducing your hosts and friends, Mariah Coz and Megan Minns.



Mariah Coz is the founder of Femtrepreneur, has been an online entrepreneur for 8 years and has built a 7-figure business through online courses and programs. Her first course was about living in a vintage camper - and she has experience creating and marketing courses in B2C and B2B niches.


Megan Minns is the systems, tech, and productivity chief at Femtrepreneur. She tests all the programs, software, and apps for your online business, and let’s us know what’s working in the tech of online courses. She is also a wizard when it comes to making all your software “play nice” with each other. 

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